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Upright arcade machine



60 of the biggest Arcade hits
This fantastic brand new machine, with its striking retro artwork, is packed with 60 Arcade classics, such as Pac-Man, Galaga, Frogger and Space Invaders.


New version
This machine has always been one of our bestsellers, and the 2019 version has several improvements to make it the ultimate Arcade cabinet. The LCD screen now features a better viewing angle and an option to change the display from vertical to horizontal. This makes is ideal for use with the Game King 2100 in 1. Other improvements are the 6 buttons per joystick (the old model only had 3) and laminated artwork, which gives the machine an even more striking appearance.

NEW! The latest version of this cabinet is now equipped with original Sanwa joysticks and better buttons. Not only are these more reliable, but also offer better response times.

- 19 inch LCD screen
- Volume controls
- Two joysticks with 6 buttons each
- Option to turn off the marquee lighting
- Coin slot for an authentic arcade experience
- 12 months guarantee

The complete list of games (PDF).

Height 163cm
Width 74cm
Depth 63cm
Weight 85kg