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Storm racer

twin 42"


Thrilling 42-inch twin driving arcade machine
14 exciting tracks & 12 fast cars
Superior sound quality & graphics
Up to eight players can be linked at a time
Exclusive boost throttle


The Sega Storm series is a modern take on the classic sci-fi racer, with Storm Racer offering a futuristic driving experience. Each car offers a new handling challenge for the driver, with different capabilities and characteristics that give it a unique feel. Cars are clearly marked for beginners so that any player can get involved, gradually building their skill until they're ready to take on the expert.

Within the game, players can choose between 7 different tracks initially; 7 more circuits will be unlocked as they advance through the game. There are also 6 cars to choose from during the opening stages, and another 6 which have to be unlocked later on. This ever expanding game keeps players coming back for more, particularly when they put their wits against two or more opponents.

The twin racing unit for Storm Racer comes with 42-inch LCD screens and features stunning landscapes and scenery. You can link up to four machines together for 8-player multiplayer madness, an experience many gamers crave - especially on a night out! On its own or hooked up to others, Storm Racer is ideal for large entertainment venues and has enough modes to entertain beginners and experts alike.