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Arcade 10000

Pandorabox special


Top kwaliteit. Deze machine hebben we zelf ontworpen en wordt gebouwd in Europa.


Erg hoge kwaliteit onderdelen.

Dimension : 172x61x68cm
Weight : 70 kg
Wood : 19mm
Screen 22 inch HD (16/10)
Pandora DX spécial (5000 jeux easy to install)
PVC 3mm (artwork support) very solid and sustainable
Plexiglass panel
Marquee LED
Equiped with wheels & handles
Coin door (coin operator is an option)
Securit 3mm bezel glass
Control Potentiomètre for the sound & luminosity LED. On the top of the machine
Very clean inside
Hight quality print
Warranty 2 years
Secure shipping