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Guns n' Roses

Limited Edition


Dit is de ultieme versie van de Guns n' Roses flipperkast. Extra speelveld en de sound en songs maakt deze machine tot de ultieme must have


Guns N' Roses™ Limited Edition


GNR Tour Poster Cabinet Art Packages
Red Brick Powder Coat
Blood Red Plastic Set
Individually Numbered and Limited to 5000
350+ Individually Controlled RGB LEDs
Gibson Headstock Upper Playfield with 6 Ball Lock
4 Flippers
Individually Controllable RGB LED Hotrail Lighting
Triple-Kinetic Diverter Fender Bass Head Mini Playfield
Triple Path 4-String Bass Ramp Wireform
2 Full Motion Articulating RGB LED Stage Spotlights
High Hat and Cymbal Interactive Drum Kit Pop Bumper Toys
Analog + Bluetooth Headphone Connectivity
Shaker Motor