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Elton john



Featuring Elton John’s iconic songs, legendary performances, and dazzling stage presence, Elton John Pinball machine takes players on a pinball journey inspired by his illustrious career.


Dual Layer Acrylic LED Topper
Platinum Metallic Armor
Sparkle RadCals with Exclusive Art Package by Christopher Franchi
Exclusive Platinum Edition Art Blades
Founder Jack Guarnieri Signature Card
Individually Numbered Platinum Edition Plaque
Custom Speech by Elton John
16 Elton John Studio Master Tracks
Piano-Playing Interactive Elton John Sculpture
Rocket Sculpture with LED Flames
‘Tiny Dancer’ Motorized Sculpture
‘Crocodile Rock’ Physical Lock Sculpture
Grand Piano 3-Ball Lock with Diverter
14 Multi-LED Star Inserts
Micro LED Piano Marquee
‘Rocket Man’ Ball Launcher and LED Lit Ramp
3 Supercharged Flippers
RGB LED Action Button for Selecting Songs
‘Rocka-Box’ 3-Bank Drop Targets
‘Rocket Man’ Drop Target
2 Dynamic Kickbacks
3 Multi-LED ‘Bennie and the Jets’ Bumpers
2 Rapid Spinner Targets
E-Ticket Up-Kicker
Removable Magnetic Rule & Pricing Cards
Heavy Duty Playfield Magnet
Wardrobe Up-Post
6-Ball Trough
Coil-Driven Knocker
RGB LED Hotrails, 27” Backbox LCD Display, Interactive Camera, Shaker Motor, Invisiglass, Wi-Fi Enabled, Bluetooth Audio, Audio Equalizer, Enhanced Backglass Illumination